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"Espresso Not Expresso"

"Espresso Not Expresso"

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"Espresso Not Expresso" 
Limited Edition Print

The story behind 'Espresso Not Expresso' originates from one of my college experiences. As a young coffee fan, I used to mispronounce 'espresso' as 'expresso,' a common mistake in America. One day, a former roommate mockingly corrected me, saying, 'It's espresso, not expresso.' His words left me feeling ignorant and humiliated, like the small-town boy I was (I grew up in Fresno, CA).
Now, more than 30 years later, whenever I have an espresso, I find myself occasionally reflecting on that event. The bitterness of the coffee seems to complement the wound I still carry with me.

Signed and numbered archival print. 
Paper: Moab Entrada Natural 290gsm cotton rag
16” x 20” giclee print. Edition of 200.

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